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I am a part of art. As a fashion and art model based in Czechia, my job is to express myself creatively and visually. Thankfully, I have more than 10 years of my life invested in mastering

my craft! I started my first modelling experience at the age of 23, and over the years my business, vision, and life has changed and getting better ever day.

Through the years I have worked with tausend of photographers of any experience and level, clients, endless creative collaborators, and helped my photographers to reach their visual goals by my posing - whether a elegant fine art nude, high fashion or just a classical portrait.

I am honored to create beauty and special creations through my poses and collaborations with talented artists - even with beginner or hobby photographers. 

I have worked with clients ranging from Dm Drogerie Markt GmbH (Austria), Atlas GmbH (Germany), Stefanel (Czechia), Schwarzkopf (Turkey), Framesi (Croatia), Moto GP - Ducati (Italy), Andreas Bitesnich (Austria) and dozens more. I had appeared in magazines (online), Chicstyle (cover/Italy), Dark Beauty Magazine, The Nude Magazine, Cole, MDLS, Foto Video (cover/Czechia), Ceskoslovenska Fotografie (Czechia), The Guardian, Inspades Magazine, Fotocult, Dodho, Seduire, Graphis, Ion-Magazine, Fitness News (Austria), The Book (Czechia), Fuse Magazine ... Photographs

with me have appeared on dozens of exhibitions around the world a cannot forgot also many photographs which won awards in international photographic competitions. I was also honored to be a model at many workshops and model events with amazing master photographers and organizers around the world

I was grateful, I am grateful and forever I will be grateful for this opportunity in the world of freelance modelling.

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